Q: What is the $1,000 Test Drive promotion? Are there any playing restrictions or limitations to this?

A. From opening date (April 13th) until June 1st, a $1,000 + GST fee will give you the same booking restrictions and access that a shareholder member would have. You will have full access to the golf course and tee and will be able to access the members-only side of our website to book tee times. If you decide to join after the trial ends, the $1,000 fee will be applied towards the $6,000 offer for your share, transfer fee and membership dues for 2017.

Q. What is the $6,000 promotion you are currently running?

A:  $6,000 + GST covers the purchase of a share, the transfer fee as well as your 2017 membership fees. The monthly Golf Course Improvement fee and annual F&B spending minimum apply. 

Q: Are there payment plans available for the regular annual member dues?

A: The club offers a 6-month payment plan on regular membership dues. Equal monthly payments can be made from November-April each season.

Q: Do you offer family memberships?

A: The club offers reasonably priced spousal, junior and pee wee memberships as well as a family membership option. 

Q: What spousal memberships are offered?

A: We have two spousal categories. Our regular spousal membership has some restrictions on tee access. A new restricted play spousal membership has also been added. This new category allows play after 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and 3:00 p.m. on weekends and holidays. Play will be permitted in designated league play and tournament play at the discretion of the Club Captain.

Q: What type of young member incentitive programs do you offer?

A: The club offers financial incentives for members transitioning from age category into the next. This can amount to a 50% discount on your yearly fees. For each year of consecutive active membership, the member will also receive a 10% discount on the share purchase transfer fee.

Q: What type of events does the Club offer for its members?

A: The Club offers many different golf and social events. In additional to regular lunch hours through the winter, we also offer a Friday night Happy Hour with live entertainment as well as Sunday brunch. The golf season has a wide range of dining and entertainment events as well as golf events focused on women, men and juniors. There are two weekly ladies leagues (Wednesday from 5:00-6:00pm and Thursday from 9:00-10:00am), a Thursday night men's league as well as a weekly junior league.

Q: How many members does the club have?

A: Highlands has 419 shares available. These represent the Gold members at the Club.  In addition to Gold members, Highlands also offers a number of other membership categories including as examples spouse, pee wee, junior, intermediate (19-24 years old), and senior intermediate (25-30 years old) categories. These categories make up another approximate 200 members and these individuals have various restrictions to when they can play.

Q: How often can I bring guests to play or dine?

A: Members are encouraged to entertain guests either on the golf course or in the clubhouse.  Guests are limited to a maximum 6 rounds of golf per season per person.  Guests are welcome to dine in the clubhouse as often as they would like. Members are able to bring up to three guests each during the week but there are restrictions on the number of guests allowed during specific times on weekends and holidays. 

Q: What is the length of the course?

A: We offer five different yardage options, ranging from 5,458 yards to 6,434 yards. Please click here for a copy of our current scorecard.

Q: Do you have a practice facility?

A: We do not have a full driving range, however we do have hitting nets, putting green and a 150 yard practice hole available to reserve or to use casually when available. 

Q: What is the Golf Course Improvement Project? Are there any upcoming capital projects that could result in an increase in monthly improvement fees?

A: Under the guidance of golf course architect, Ted Locke, the Club undertook a $2.1 million project, redoing the golf course irrigation system as well as renovations to 12 golf holes. The irrigation system went from 250 irrigation heads to now being over 650 irrigation heads. A number of tee boxes were added, bunkers were redone and/or moved and some cart paths were moved and/or redone. This work was completed in the fall of 2014 and 2015 as well as the spring of 2016. The project is being financed through a $50/month fee to shareholders and a $25/month fee to spouses.

Q: Is the monthly Golf Course Improvement Fee for 12 months of the year or just the golf season?

A: The Golf Course Improvement Fee is a 12 month of the year fee. The fee for this is $50/month for shareholders and $25/month for regular spousal members.